Hi, Eugene here. Thanks for visiting, and welcome to my blog: Grew Up Poor.
I’m a Labour Party Councillor in Tottenham, London.

I was born in the late 80s, in capital city of Ghana, Accra. I moved to the UK to join my parents in London in 1991, where I went on to live and grow up on the infamous Broadwater Farm estate in North London’s Tottenham. Today, I am a Labour Party Councillor for the Tottenham borough.

In life, I strongly pursued my education: I studied Business Management, and then went on to get a Masters degree in Consulting. However, I noticed this wasn’t a path shared by many I had grown up with. Due to factors such as low-income and a lack of resources – they unfortunately faced many barriers to completing Further Education.

Naturally, this didn’t sit right with me. So when I graduated, I began trying to make a difference in my local community. I maintained a post as Governor of Park View Secondary School, and offered support and expertise after the 2011 London Riots – an event that was in many ways, very close to home. 2014 marked the year that I ran and became a Labour Councillor.

This brings us to Grew Up Poor; a space for debate, and a space to inform people who care about creating a more equal society. My blogs are themed around inequality and social mobility. Why? Because I’ve experienced it and so have those around me. Inequality affects our society in a plethora of ways; it’s also an issue many politicians don’t talk much about.

I invite you to join me in the discussion. You can find me on Twitter at @Eugene_ayisi.

Eugene Ayisi